Yule tribe cook

Yule Tribe Cook is randomly encountered enemy that you could fight from  12.21.11 to [to be updated].

He had a chance to drop Candy Cane and Festive Yule Tribesman.

December 2012

Yule Tribe Cook has a chance to drop Candy Cane.

Yule Tribe Glutton has a chance to drop Festive Yule Tribesman instead.



"Have you seen a gnome?" the rotund fellow asks.

"Plenty of them," you reply. "They're quite common."

"Not funny! One of my slaves escaped, and I'm hunting her. I tracked her all the way from Nordent!"

"That's quite the journey. She must be very good at whatever it is she does."

"Bah!" he snorts. "Good for nothing! The hunting was bad, so I was going to throw her in my cooking pot. That's what I'll do when I find her -- after I've squeezed all her blood out and reddened my clothes with it!"

"I see..."

You draw your weapon.

"Since we're so close to the winter festival," you say, "I think I'll spread a little kindness and joy... By hacking you to bits."


"Yay!" shouts a merry little voice.

You turn around, and see a gnome wearing stained and ragged furs. Her face is scarred and dirty, telling of cruel abuse and harsh living. But she wears a beaming smile.

"I take it that you're the slave he was looking for?"

"Yes. But thanks to you I'm free now. I'll never have to look over my shoulder again, or expect to feel his cleaver splitting my skull when I lie down to sleep."

"I was glad to be of aid."

"Just... Just one thing..."


"Could I borrow a dagger?"

"I suppose so," you say, handing her the weapon.

"I watched that bastard kill so many of my friends... Even my own brother. And I swore that if I could, one day I'd cut his heart out and eat it."


"Wait here... I'll give you the dagger back when I'm done."

"That's... that's quite all right. You keep it. Consider it a winter festival present."

"Thank you!"

The gnome gives another merry laugh, then leaps on the body of her fallen master.

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