Valley Path 1 is in the valley path, and is optional.


  • Kobold Warrior (70 Platinum, 70 XP, 70 Energy, 6 HP, 7 HP Hard, 8 HP NM)
  • Beastman Grunt (80 Platinum, 80 XP, 80 Energy, 6 HP, 7 HP Hard, 8 HP NM)
  • Beastman Warrior (80 Platinum, 80 XP, 80 Energy, 6 HP, 7 HP Hard, 8 HP NM)



"That bow you carry..." Jaren indicates the weapon in Tessa's hands.

"It was Teucer's," she says. There's an unmistakable note of pride in her voice as she holds it up, displaying the family crest on the dark wood. "Enchanted after the war, so it would never break or rot. He wanted his children and grandchildren to have something to remember him by."

"I've heard the stories," Jaren replies. "The mage offered to put other spells on it, so it would never miss."


Tessa notches an arrow to her string, and the rest of you move into combat positions as enemies appear ahead of you.

"...but he said a poor archer didn't deserve to hit his target."

The last word leaves her lips at the same moment the arrow leaves her bow. A beastman collapses in the distance, colorful fletches protruding from his eye socket.


"Your ancestor would be proud of you," Jaren says.

He crouches among the corpses, and prods one of Tessa's arrows. It's embedded in two bodies, transfixing a kobold's right arm and a beastman's chest.

"He'll be prouder still when my arrows help liberate West Kruna."

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