Uprising is the sixth set of cards after Infernal. The set was pre-released on May 7th, 2013. The official release occurred the following week on May 14th, 2013.

List of CardsEdit

Name Rarity Type Image
872 Look Down RARE CATEGORY Melee 872 Look Down Mini
873 Umbra's Cunning Blow UNCOMMON CATEGORY Melee 873 Umbra's Cunning Blow Mini
874 No Dogs or Dragons RARE CATEGORY Melee 874 No Dogs or Dragons Mini
875 Ak-Me Hunting RARE CATEGORY Ranged 875 Ak-Me Hunting Mini
876 Stoned COMMON CATEGORY Ranged 876 Stoned Mini
877 Conscientious Objector RARE CATEGORY Ranged 877 Conscientious Objector Mini
878 Political Discourse UNCOMMON CATEGORY Ranged 878 Political Discourse Mini
879 Off the Battlements EPIC CATEGORY Melee 879 Off the Battlements Mini
880 Death to Tyrants! EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 880 Death to Tyrants! Mini
881 Friendly Fire EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 881 Friendly Fire Mini
882 Assault and Pepper EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 882 Assault and Pepper Mini
883 Men-at-Arms LEGENDARY CATEGORY Melee 883 Men-at-Arms Mini
883 Royal Commander's Doom RARE CATEGORY Dark 883 Royal Commander's Doom Mini
884 Balbi's Demise COMMON CATEGORY Dark 884 Balbi's Demise Mini
885 Black Fire UNCOMMON CATEGORY Dark 885 Black Fire Mini
886 Henrietta's Poltergeist RARE CATEGORY Generic Magic 886 Henrietta's Poltergeist Mini
887 Frostbite COMMON CATEGORY Light 887 Frostbite Mini
888 Divine Reward RARE CATEGORY Light 888 Divine Reward Mini
889 Rebel March RARE CATEGORY Light 889 Rebel March Mini
890 Firestorm EPIC CATEGORY Dark 890 Firestorm Mini
891 Greengazing EPIC CATEGORY Light 891 Greengazing Mini
892 Her Aspect and Her Eyes EPIC CATEGORY Generic Magic 892 Her Aspect and Her Eyes Mini
893 Dark Skies LEGENDARY CATEGORY Dark 893 Dark Skies Mini
894 Guilbert's Erudite Gas RARE CATEGORY Potion 894 Guilbert's Erudite Gas Mini
895 Ironhide Potion RARE CATEGORY Potion 895 Ironhide Potion Mini
896 Volatile Haste Potion EPIC CATEGORY Potion 896 Volatile Haste Potion Mini
897 Metaphysical Cake LEGENDARY CATEGORY Potion 897 Metaphysical Cake Mini
898 Druidic Olive Branch RARE CATEGORY Talisman 898 Druidic Olive Branch Mini
899 Sign of the Pitchfork RARE CATEGORY Talisman 899 Sign of the Pitchfork Mini
900 Amulet of Deferred Damnation RARE CATEGORY Talisman 900 Amulet of Deferred Damnation Mini
901 Kenna's Keepsake RARE CATEGORY Talisman 901 Kenna's Keepsake Mini
902 Witch Doctor UNCOMMON CATEGORY NPC 902 Witch Doctor Mini
903 Felpuur Footpad COMMON CATEGORY NPC 903 Felpuur Footpad Mini
904 Deserter Battle Mage RARE CATEGORY NPC 904 Deserter Battle Mage Mini
905 Deserter Soldier RARE CATEGORY NPC 905 Deserter Soldier Mini
906 Clara RARE CATEGORY NPC 906 Clara Mini
907 Thunder Liger EPIC CATEGORY NPC 907 Thunder Liger Mini
908 Roderick EPIC CATEGORY NPC 908 Roderick Mini
909 Big Edwin EPIC CATEGORY NPC 909 Big Edwin Mini
910 Harla the Spell-Slinger LEGENDARY CATEGORY NPC 910 Harla the Spell-Slinger Mini
911 Oh, Pit! RARE CATEGORY Melee 911 Oh, Pit! Mini
912 Multiplying Imp EPIC CATEGORY NPC 912 Multiplying Imp Mini
913 Touched by a Goddess LEGENDARY CATEGORY Light 913 Touched by a Goddess Mini
914 Gladiator's Incitement RARE CATEGORY Potion 914 Gladiator's Incitement Mini
915 Colosseum Crush LEGENDARY CATEGORY Melee 915 Colosseum Crush Mini
916 No Quarter RARE CATEGORY Melee 916 No Quarter Mini
917 Beds Are Burning EPIC CATEGORY Dark 917 Beds Are Burning Mini
918 The Commander's Wine (918) RARE CATEGORY Potion 918 The Commander's Wine Mini
919 The Commander's Wine (919) RARE CATEGORY Potion 919 The Commander's Wine Mini
920 The Commander's Wine (920) EPIC CATEGORY Potion 920 The Commander's Wine Mini
921 Sentry Duty EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 921 Sentry Duty Mini
922 In This Together RARE CATEGORY Ranged 922 In This Together Mini
923 Lingering Magic EPIC CATEGORY Light 923 Lingering Magic Mini
924 Undead Uprising RARE CATEGORY Dark 924 Undead Uprising Mini
927 Obstruction of Justice LEGENDARY CATEGORY Ranged 927 Obstruction of Justice Mini
929 Discus Disaster EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 929 Discus Disaster Mini
934 Javelin Japes RARE CATEGORY Ranged 934 Javelin Japes Mini

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