East Kruna is a land to the east of West Kruna whose king Vorticar sheltered the Kasan clan after the Seluthas expelled them.

The introductory tutorial also starts here...

East KrunaEdit

East Kruna is the tutorial zone. It must be completed to unlock the mission volumes and various options such as your first class, character profile, custom pvp, etc.

"It's time to prove that you're worthy of your illustrious bloodline."


Kobold raiderTrainer pyrelordTrainer sentinelTrainer assassin


  1. Grassy PlainKobold raider
  2. Testing GroundTrainer pyrelordTrainer sentinelTrainer assassin


Z0 background
East Kruna
East Kruna
Interactive Map
Interactive Map

Normal Encounter
Final Encounter

  1. Defeat the Kobold.
  2. Fight each of the trainers.

Notable LootsEdit


  • During the tutorial you are given a special 1st Clash Booster Pack free
  • Also available to buy: 50 DC Starter Pack


East Kruna, several years ago...

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