91 Support Fire

Support Fire (First Clash, Legacy Card, #91) is an uncommon Ranged weapon card with 2 attack and 3 defense.

Card Effect

Reveal the top card of your deck. If it's a Melee attack, deal +1 damage.

Card Description

The Red Prince's conquests were due in no small part to his use of combined arms. He trained his melee and missile troops to support each other with incredible precision, whereas prior to his time many generals neglected archers and slingers.

How to Obtain

Basic Packs Red x Advanced Packs Red x
Special Pack Yellow question Sale Item / Chest Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Red x Specific Crafting Green check
Zone: N/A Craft Section: Other
Monster: N/A Materials: 25 Follow-Up Shot
Temporarily From A Card Yellow question

Used in CraftingEdit

Crafting Item Number Needed
Suicidal Charge 5

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