Selutha is a family name, a royal line that became king after that of Jamus'.

The most notable of the Selutha was that of baron Arcadius Selutha. During the second draconic war, many aristocrats hid while sending their servants to fight in their place. Unlike them, Arcadius Selutha lead a charge at the forefront of the war and slew a golden dragon. He however, died in the very next battle when a beastman tore open his throat with a spear.

(editor's note: This is a foreshadowing analogy of how his line will take power as king but die out soon afterwards.)

After Arcadius Selutha's death, his battleaxe was given over to the Dragon-Rider.

(editor's note: This is a foreshadowing of how the %name% Kasan would try seek out Crenus' crown.)

The Selutha has always been rivals with the Kasan family.

King Crenus comes from this family.

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