419 Rollo's Mallet

Rollo's Mallet (Second Clash, Legacy Card, #419) is a rare Ranged weapon card with 2 attack and 3 defense.

Card Effect

Sentinel: Magic Envy for the next 3 turns.

(Magic Envy: Each player has their Magic power reduced to the level of the player with the lowest number.)

Card Description

Rollo was never overly fond of mages when he lived, and remains equally disdainful of them in death. Hence this hammer - haunted by his spirit - will float around and bonk magic-users on the head in an effort to ruin their concentration and leave them vulnerable to their enemies.

How to Obtain

Basic Packs Red x Advanced Packs Red x
Special Pack Yellow question Sale Item / Chest Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Green check Specific Crafting Red x
Zone: Brawl Craft Section: None
Monster: Orc High Warlord on Nightmare

Nylagra the Charmer

Materials: None
Temporarily From A Card Yellow question

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