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Booster Packs are the main way players can acquire cards. All of the types are available through the Shop, and some may be acquired through other methods e.g. the daily reward. There are also Chests that are similar to booster packs except they offer a wide variety of items instead of only cards.

Booster PacksEdit

Each of these comes with 5 random cards. DC stands for Dragon Coins.Edit

2ndcorebronze - Bronze Pack 3 DC or 1,000 gold
2ndcoresilverpack - Silver Pack 5 DC or 3,000 gold
2ndcoregold - Gold Pack 10 DC or 5000 gold 30 DC or 10,000 gold / 18 DC or 6,000 gold (Sale Price)
Booster rare 5 2 - Rare Pack 30 DC or 10,000 gold

Following not currently purchasable with gold.Edit

Booster draft 5 2 - Draft Pack 25 DC | 15 DC (Sale Price)
2ndcoremystery - Mystery Pack 50 DC | 35 DC (Sale Price)
Starter Pack - Starter Pack 50 DC (Can only be bought once.)
2ndcoreplatinum - Platinum Pack 75 DC
2ndcorediamond - Diamond Pack 100 DC 75 DC for Infernal Preview 1

Following are only purchasable during special events.Edit
Booster assassinBooster druid
Booster pyrelordBooster sentinel

- Class Packs 50 DC
Booster fortune 5 2 - Fortune Pack 50 DC
Bounty Pack 2 - Bounty Pack 75 DC
Variety Pack - Variety Pack 75 DC
Among The Dead Pack - Among The Dead Pack 100 DC
Booster npc 5 2 - NPC Pack 100 DC
Booster promo 5 2 - Promo Pack 125 DC
Booster mythic 5 2 - Mythic Pack 250 DC

Following are only obtainable through special events.Edit

Booster epic 5 2 - Epic Pack
Booster legendary 5 2 - Legendary Pack

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