PowerFlux35 Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige (Power Flux, Legacy Card, #35) is a rare Human NPC card with 1 attack and 4 defense.

Card Effect

If you prevent 5 or more damage on your next turn, your opponent banishes 3. Your next Magic attack deals +2 damage.

Card Description

Many of West Kruna's nobles distinguished themselves during the Drake War, whether for good or for ill. There were those of Teucer Tullian and Arcadius Selutha's ilk, who seized weapons and fought alongside their countrymen. Though such courage was oft rewarded with suffering or even a violent demise in that bygone age, history and the memories of the kingdom's populace have been far kinder. Their names remain honored to this day. But other well-born souls fell far short of their example. Either through base cowardice or the belief that their blue blood was too precious to shed in battle, they shied away from the fighting and allowed the common folk to die in their stead. Among this deplorable breed was Duke Piert De Chauntallion.

The duke fled for Dracoshire when the dragons' armies threatened his dominion, abandoning his castle and the peasants who worked the surrounding lands. He sought sanctuary in the capital, disguising his craven spirit by declaring that his counsel would be of incalculable value to King Jamus -- that it was his duty to preserve his existence for that end. Thus he wallowed in his luxurious townhouse while less fortunate men and women irrigated the soil of his ancestral holdings with their blood.

It was during a gathering of nobles and generals, held in the august presence of the king himself, that Piert learned of the forces marching on Lissane-les-Fontaines. That county was another controlled by the De Chauntallion family, located many leagues distant from the land he had abandoned. It was administered by Guillaume, his eldest son.

Piert lost little time. For though he was haughty and craven, the love he felt for his children was no less powerful than any which burned in the hearts of worthier men. He rushed from the royal castle, ignoring the cries of surprise and outrage from his fellow noblemen, and summoned one of his family's agents. The duke scribbled a hasty message, passed it to the man, and had him fly to Lissane-les-Fontaines atop a pegasus. His task was to find Guillaume, and bring him back to Dracoshire.

The agent was a loyal servant of the De Chauntallions. He didn't tarry, nor did he shy away from enduring dangerous skies. He reached Lissane-les-Fontaines before the dragons' bestial legions, where he found Guillaume in the fortress that stood upon its threatened border. He presented the duke's message, and urged the young nobleman to heed its words. But Guillaume De Chauntallion wasn't the kind of man his father was. He refused to leave for Dracoshire, and instead wrote an epistle for the messenger to carry back. It read thus:


I fear I must disobey your command.

Our family's blood grants us wealth and privilege, but responsibility too. The people of Lissane-les-Fontaines have served us for centuries in exchange for our protection. Now that this protection and our fidelity have cause to be tested, how could I shy away and betray their trust?

I have taken command of Fort Lissane, and offered shelter to all those unable or unwilling to flee to the west. Here we shall stand against the foul beasts and either drive them back for else perish with our honor intact.


Duke Piert De Chauntallion raged and wept when he read the missive, both furious and fearful. But Guillaume gave that matter little thought. His father's disquiet faded into insignificance when beastmen appeared on the horizon.

The young nobleman clenched his fist, and stared at the arcane energy which flashed into being around it. It was time to test his magic, and see whether it was equal to the imposing task he had set himself. Either his sorcery would help hold the fortress or he would lie dead among its defenders. The matter was in the lap of the gods.

How to Obtain

Basic Packs Red x Advanced Packs Red x
Special Pack Yellow question Sale Item / Chest Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Red x Specific Crafting Red x
Temporarily From A Card Yellow question

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