Promo7 Ninja

Ninja (Promo, Legacy Card, #7) is a rare Human NPC card with 4 attack and 1 defense.

Card Effect

When Ninja is depleted, shuffle Shuriken Storm into your deck.

Card Description

Though they're now better known as assassins, ninja were originally puppeteers in the theaters of their native land far to the east. Their distinctive black garb, which has been emulated by other orders of nocturnal killer, was designed to make them blend into the shadowy backgrounds of the stages on which they performed - so that audiences would only see the man-sized puppets they controlled. But after being repeatedly robbed on the roads of West Kruna, a traveling band of puppeteers decided to turn their previously peaceful exercise routines into the beginnings of a lethal form of combat.

Other VersionsEdit

Promo7 Ninja (F)

Foil version

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