Cards are how battles in Clash of the Dragons are fought. They include, in the most basic categories, Attack, Potion, Talisman and NPC cards. Attack cards are further divided into Weapon and Magic. Weapon is divided into Melee and Ranged while Magic is divided into Light and Dark. There also exist Generic attacks, which are listed as Generic Weapon or Generic Magic. These attacks do not count as Melee/Ranged/Light/Dark and are neutral in regards to other cards that work with or without them. Click the heading's name to go to its category page.



Weapon cards are increased by one's Weapon attribute. There are general weapon attacks and also Melee and Ranged subgroups. Generic weapons usually consists of equipments or events. Melee attacks are close-ranged attacks that go into the Depletion pile when played; making them reusable. Ranged attacks on the other hand are long-ranged attacks that go into the Ranged Graveyard when played. They can only be retrieved by card effects such as Silver Arrow.


Magic cards are increased by the Magic attribute. There are generic magic cards as well as Light and Dark subgroups. Generic Magic are neutral in nature. Light Magic are considered to be "good" in nature and involve healing. Dark magic involves "evil" spells, such as dominating people, poison, fire, or electrocution.


Potion PotionEdit

A Potion card will always be banished after being depleted and its effect resolved. They will not activate if depleted by Envy or Banish. They cannot be drawn until the only cards in the deck are cannot be drawn, by effect (like Banner of Dread) or by default (the rest are potions/talismans).

Talisman TalismanEdit

A Talisman type card is opposite a Potion in that it only works until it is depleted, while a character possesses a live version in their deck. They cannot be drawn until the only cards in the deck are cannot be drawn, by effect (like Banner of Dread) or by default (the rest are potions/talismans).


NPC is a type of card that represents certain types of characters. They can have a variety of effects. They represent a player's allies in battle. Whenever a player plays an NPC, it gets shuffled back into their deck, waiting to be deployed again.

It is important to note that NPC damage DOES NOT receive any bonuses from a player's attributes. There are also some cards that are affected by or affects an NPC depending on its race.

Location LocationEdit

Location is a type of card encountered in AI monsters' decks. They represent places in the world or kinds of terrain and normally last 3 turns.

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