178 Inspiration

Inspiration (First Clash, Legacy Card, #178) is a common Light magic card with 1 attack and 1 defense.

Card Effect

The next Light attack played by a member of your party deals +2 damage.

Card Description

"You're the Best Around!" - Inscription on the Ring of Narcissism

How to Obtain

Basic Packs Red x Advanced Packs Red x
Special Pack Green check Sale Item / Chest Red x
Pre-2nd core bronze and silver packs from Traveling Merchant. N/A
Win From Battle Only Green check Specific Crafting Red x
Zone: Brawl Craft Section: N/A
Monster: The following brawls: Vampire Graf (Brawl Boss) The Master (Brawl Boss), Chaluan Hydra (Brawl Boss) (on NL and NM), Glubbulus the Foul (on NL and NM), Sharaxa the Entangler (on NL and NM), Baroness Karpathia, Kreblar Cutgut (on NL and NM), Grulthras, Polyphemus, Nylagra the Charmer (on NL and NM), High Priest Nereur, Lord Kul'shar (on NM), Forest-Tainted Villagers, Fatal Flora, and Chendra.

All brawls from zones 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, and 14.

Materials: N/A
Temporarily From A Card Red x

Used in CraftingEdit

Crafting Item Number Needed
Courage of the Red Prince 5
The Best at What I Do 5

Other VersionsEdit

178 Inspiration (F)

Foil Version

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