Infernal is the fifth set of cards after Among the Dead. The first third of the set was released on December 11th, 2012.

List of CardsEdit

Name Rarity Type Image
726 Sacrificial Ham RARE CATEGORY Melee 726 Sacrificial Ham Mini
727 Food Chain RARE CATEGORY Melee 727 Food Chain Mini
728 Taking the Throne RARE CATEGORY Melee 728 Taking the Throne Mini
729 Butt Me No Butts RARE CATEGORY Melee 729 Butt Me No Butts Mini
730 Sleep Is for the Weak RARE CATEGORY Melee 730 Sleep Is for the Weak Mini
731 Mad Bomber RARE CATEGORY Ranged 731 Mad Bomber Mini
732 Infernal Warfare RARE CATEGORY Ranged 732 Infernal Warfare Mini
733 Silver Serenity EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 733 Silver Serenity Mini
734 Tantalizing Toxophily RARE CATEGORY Ranged 734 Tantalizing Toxophily Mini
735 Battle of the Bamfs EPIC CATEGORY Melee 735 Battle of the Bamfs Mini
736 Power and Glory EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 736 Power and Glory Mini
737 Axes in the Abyss LEGENDARY CATEGORY Ranged 737 Axes in the Abyss Mini
738 Infernal Aegis RARE CATEGORY Dark 738 Infernal Aegis Mini
739 Duel of the Damned EPIC CATEGORY Dark 739 Duel of the Damned Mini
740 Burning Brachus RARE CATEGORY Dark 740 Burning Brachus Mini
742 Incubus Incineration RARE CATEGORY Dark 742 Incubus Incineration Mini
743 Faster than Lightning RARE CATEGORY Dark 743 Faster than Lightning Mini
744 Mercy for Misers RARE CATEGORY Light 744 Mercy for Misers Mini
745 Tei Kallistei RARE CATEGORY Light 745 Tei Kallistei Mini
746 Heaven's Work RARE CATEGORY Light 746 Heaven's Work Mini
747 Tentacular EPIC CATEGORY Dark 747 Tentacular Mini
748 Absolution EPIC CATEGORY Light 748 Absolution Mini
749 Wrath of Heaven LEGENDARY CATEGORY Light 749 Wrath of Heaven Mini
750 Soul Souffle RARE CATEGORY Potion 750 Soul Souffle Mini
751 Paxon's Hell-Herb Tonic EPIC CATEGORY Potion 751 Paxon's Hell-Herb Tonic Mini
752 Stone of Farzak RARE CATEGORY Talisman 752 Stone of Farzak Mini
753 Variss' Victory Girdle RARE CATEGORY Talisman 753 Variss' Victory Girdle Mini
754 Lustful Sinner RARE CATEGORY NPC 754 Lustful Sinner Mini
755 Wrathful Sinner RARE CATEGORY NPC 755 Wrathful Sinner Mini
756 Prideful Sinner EPIC CATEGORY NPC 756 Prideful Sinner Mini
757 Rhynn EPIC CATEGORY NPC 757 Rhynn Mini
758 Niknak LEGENDARY CATEGORY NPC 758 Niknak Mini
759 Cat in Hell's Chance EPIC CATEGORY Light 759 Cat in Hell's Chance Mini
760 Variss LEGENDARY CATEGORY NPC 760 Variss Mini
761 Infernal Alchemy RARE CATEGORY Ranged 761 Infernal Alchemy Mini
762 The Wandering Rider LEGENDARY CATEGORY NPC 762 The Wandering Rider Mini
768 Kalevra's Gambit LEGENDARY CATEGORY Melee 768 Kalevra's Gambit Mini
769 Better to Give EPIC CATEGORY Light 769 Better to Give Mini
770 Bello the Bloody LEGENDARY CATEGORY NPC 770 Bello the Bloody Mini
771 The Gift of Boundless Promise EPIC CATEGORY Talisman 771 The Gift of Boundless Promise Mini
772 Season's Beatings LEGENDARY CATEGORY Melee 772 Season's Beatings Mini
773 Always a Bigger Beast RARE CATEGORY Melee 773 Always a Bigger Beast Mini
774 Unrepentant Wrath RARE CATEGORY Melee 774 Unrepentant Wrath Mini
775 Tank and Shank RARE CATEGORY Melee 775 Tank and Shank Mini
776 Friends and Fiends RARE CATEGORY Melee 776 Friends and Fiends Mini
777 Halo-Point Arrows RARE CATEGORY Ranged 777 Halo-Point Arrows Mini
778 Shot the Food RARE CATEGORY Ranged 778 Shot the Food Mini
779 The End of Her RARE CATEGORY Ranged 779 The End of Her Mini
780 No Sex Please, We're Krunan RARE CATEGORY Ranged 780 No Sex Please, We're Krunan Mini
781 Niknak Toss RARE CATEGORY Ranged 781 Niknak Toss Mini
782 Fiendish Fodder EPIC CATEGORY Melee 782 Fiendish Fodder Mini
783 Infernal Backbreaker EPIC CATEGORY Melee 783 Infernal Backbreaker Mini
784 Sisyphean Smash EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 784 Sisyphean Smash Mini
785 Cloven Hooves, Cloven Head LEGENDARY CATEGORY Melee 785 Cloven Hooves, Cloven Head Mini
786 For Old Ravishings' Sake RARE CATEGORY Dark 786 For Old Ravishings' Sake Mini
787 Demonic Druidism RARE CATEGORY Dark 787 Demonic Druidism Mini
788 An Appointment with Death RARE CATEGORY Dark 788 An Appointment with Death Mini
789 Dead Meat Shield RARE CATEGORY Dark 789 Dead Meat Shield Mini
790 Fire and Flora RARE CATEGORY Dark 790 Fire and Flora Mini
791 Battle of Wills RARE CATEGORY Light 791 Battle of Wills Mini
792 Begone, Fiends! LEGENDARY CATEGORY Light 792 Begone, Fiends! Mini
793 Out of a Hat RARE CATEGORY Light 793 Out of a Hat Mini
794 Fire Dance RARE CATEGORY Light 794 Fire Dance Mini
795 Pandemonium LEGENDARY CATEGORY Dark 795 Pandemonium Mini
796 Rainbows in Hell EPIC CATEGORY Light 796 Rainbows in Hell Mini
797 Pyromantic Embrace EPIC CATEGORY Light 797 Pyromantic Embrace Mini
798 Dagunar's Tide (798) RARE CATEGORY Dark 798 Dagunar's Tide (798) Mini
799 Dagunar's Tide (799) RARE CATEGORY Dark 799 Dagunar's Tide (799) Mini
800 Black Axe Wiskey RARE CATEGORY Potion 800 Black Axe Wisky Mini
801 Succubus' Tears EPIC CATEGORY Potion 801 Succubus' Tears Mini
802 Imp-losive Explosive LEGENDARY CATEGORY Potion 802 Imp-losive Explosive Mini
803 Arach's Shard RARE CATEGORY Talisman 803 Arach's Shard Mini
804 Bloody Pentacle EPIC CATEGORY Talisman 804 Bloody Pentacle Mini
805 Greedy Sinner RARE CATEGORY NPC 805 Greedy Sinner Mini
806 Gluttonous Sinner RARE CATEGORY NPC 806 Gluttonous Sinner Mini
807 Envious Sinner RARE CATEGORY NPC 807 Envious Sinner Mini
808 Slothful Sinner RARE CATEGORY NPC 808 Slothful Sinner Mini
809 General Druka EPIC CATEGORY NPC 809 General Druka Mini
810 Y'Raxa Krund LEGENDARY CATEGORY NPC 810 Y'Raxa Krund Mini
811 Y'Raxa Krund Token LEGENDARY CATEGORY NPC 811 Y'Raxa Krund Token Mini
818 Dagunar's Tide (818) EPIC CATEGORY Dark 818 Dagunar's Tide (818) Mini
819 Sin Sweep RARE CATEGORY Melee 819 Sin Sweep Mini
820 Purple Rain EPIC CATEGORY Melee 820 Purple Rain Mini
821 Reformatory RARE CATEGORY Light 821 Reformatory Mini
822 The Imperor EPIC CATEGORY NPC 822 The Imperor Mini
823 Many Hands... LEGENDARY CATEGORY Ranged 823 Many Hands... Mini
824 Essence of Imp RARE CATEGORY Potion File:824 Essence of Imp Mini.png
825 Pruning EPIC CATEGORY Melee 159px
826 Green Fingers RARE CATEGORY Light 159px
827 Nature's Blessing RARE CATEGORY Potion 159px
828 Nature's Curse EPIC CATEGORY Dark 828 Nature's Curse Mini
827 Runthun's Throw RARE CATEGORY Rare 159px
830 Meera Greengaze EPIC CATEGORY NPC 830 Meera Greengaze Mini
831 Clockwork Orange RARE CATEGORY Melee File:831 Clockwork Orange Mini.png
832 Fist of Maclan RARE CATEGORY Melee File:832 Fist of Maclan Mini.png
833 Y'Raxa's Necklace RARE CATEGORY Melee File:833 Y'Raxa's Necklace Mini.png
834 Snapdragon RARE CATEGORY Melee File:834 Snapdragon Mini.png
835 Archer's Rhyme (835) RARE CATEGORY Ranged File:835 Archer's Rhyme Mini.png
836 Archer's Rhyme (836) RARE CATEGORY Ranged File:836 Archer's Rhyme Mini.png
837 Archer's Rhyme (837) EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 837 Archer's Rhyme Mini
838 Itch She Can't Scratch RARE CATEGORY Ranged File:838 Itch She Can't Scratch Mini.png
839 Where'd I Leave That...? RARE CATEGORY Ranged File:Where'd I Leave That...? Mini.png
840 Druka's Plan RARE CATEGORY Ranged File:840 Druka's Plan Mini.png
841 Four Arms, One Heart RARE CATEGORY Ranged File:841 Four Arms, One Heart Mini.png
842 Into the Valley of Death EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 842 Into the Valley of Death Mini
843 Protect and Sever EPIC CATEGORY Ranged File:843 Protect and Sever Mini.png
844 Acid and Alchemy EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 844 Acid and Alchemy Mini
845 Broken Arrow EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 845 Broken Arrow Mini
846 Secret of the Pyramids RARE CATEGORY NPC File:846 Secret of the Pyramids Mini.png
847 Sleep with the Fishes RARE CATEGORY Dark File:847 Sleep with the Fishes Mini.png
848 Hell, Glorious Hell RARE CATEGORY Dark File:848 Hell, Glorious Hell Mini.png
849 Booma's Beard RARE CATEGORY Dark File:849 Booma's Beard Mini.png
850 Brachi RARE CATEGORY NPC File:850 Brachi Mini.png
851 Irresistible RARE CATEGORY Light File:851 Irresistible Mini.png
852 Far from Heaven RARE CATEGORY Light File:852 Far from Heaven Mini.png
853 The Other Guy RARE CATEGORY Light

File:853 The Other Guy Mini.png

854 Chi Duel RARE CATEGORY Light File:854 Chi Duel Mini.png
855 Corruption in Krezzor EPIC CATEGORY Dark File:855 Corruption in Krezzor Mini.png
856 Tarred with the Same Brush EPIC CATEGORY Dark 856 Tarred with the Same Brush Mini
857 Nice Try, Mate EPIC CATEGORY Light 857 Nice Try, Mate Mini
858 Master of Krezzor LEGENDARY CATEGORY Dark File:858 Master of Krezzor Mini.png
859 Pixxi's Poison RARE CATEGORY Potion File:859 Pixxi's Poison Mini.png
860 Infernal Steak and Kidney Pie EPIC CATEGORY Potion 860 Infernal Steak and Kidney Pie Mini
861 Stone of Zuxala RARE CATEGORY Talisman File:861 Stone of Zuxala Mini.png
862 Lord Tyranthius' Signet LEGENDARY CATEGORY Talisman File:862 Lord Tyranthius' Signet Mini.png
863 Mirabilis RARE CATEGORY NPC File:863 Mirabilis Mini.png
864 Krezzori Hellhound RARE CATEGORY NPC File:864 Krezzori Hellhound Mini.png
865 Dagunar EPIC CATEGORY NPC 865 Dagunar Mini
866 Pixxi the Poisoner EPIC CATEGORY NPC File:866 Pixxi the Poisoner Mini.png
867 Brach'Xell'Ctharat'Sezrachus LEGENDARY CATEGORY NPC File:867 Brach'Xell'Ctharat'Sezrachus Mini.png
868 Miles EPIC CATEGORY NPC File:868 Miles Mini.png
869 Mzo EPIC CATEGORY NPC File:868 Miles Mini.png
870 Nine Lives Lost EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 870 Nine Lives Lost Mini
871 Krezzor's Choir LEGENDARY CATEGORY Light File:871 Krezzor's Choir Mini.png

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