467 Gut-Breaker Draught

Gut-Breaker Draught (Second Clash, Legacy Card, #467) is an epic Potion card with 0 attack and 0 defense.

Card Effect

On Deplete, shuffle 2 copies of Glowing Vomit into your Deck.

Card Description

If you choose to drink an alcoholic beverage called 'Gut-Breaker', you have no right to complain to the barman afterwards.

How to Obtain

Basic Packs Red x Advanced Packs Red x
Special Pack Yellow question Sale Item / Chest Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Red x Specific Crafting Red x
Temporarily From A Card Yellow question

Used in CraftingEdit

Crafting Item Number Needed
Suicidal Charge 2

Card AnalysisEdit

Note: Card analysis is done by players and not official content of the game. Players may regard this as opinion.

Gut-Breaker Draught is an important source to give an enlarging deck a literally improved version of Spirits of Justice. It can be assumed the potion gives a heal 2 and survivor +2 for each depletion. As it gives Glowing Vomit, an attack that breaks through defense, Draught can be also said to have high attack properties. Rewlf2 07:38, March 13, 2012 (UTC)

Other VersionsEdit

467 Gut-Breaker Draught (F)

Foil Version

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