442 Greater Water of Life

Greater Water of Life (Second Clash, Legacy Card, #442) is an uncommon Light magic card with 1 attack and 3 defense.

Card Effect

Heal 2.

Survivor 18: Heal 2.

(Survivor X: This effect only comes into play if your Graveyard contains at least X cards.)

Card Description

Arcatho Fizzleburn was much too engrossed in his arcane research to waste time in the bathtub. Instead he would occasionally douse himself with conjured up soap and water.

How to Obtain

Basic Packs Advanced Packs
Bronze Red x Platinum Green check
Silver Green check Diamond Red x
Gold Green check Mystery Green check
Draft Exclusive Red x Draft Green check
Special Pack Yellow question Sale Item / Chest Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Red x Specific Crafting Green check
Zone: N/A Craft Section: Other
Monster: N/A Materials: 5 Water of Life
Temporarily From A Card Yellow question

Card AnalysisEdit

Note: Card analysis is done by players and not official content of the game. Players may regard this as opinion.

The Survivor trigger is checked after the Heal 2. If your Depletion Pile contains 19 cards, two will be healed, then Survivor 18 will fail because the Depletion Pile contains only 17 cards. You must have 20 cards in the Depletion Pile to Heal 4.

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