488 Goblin Relic Hunter

Goblin Relic Hunter (Second Clash, Legacy Card, #488) is an epic Goblin NPC card with 4 attack and 3 defense.

Card Effect

Aspire random Attribute for the rest of the battle.

When Goblin Relic Hunter is depleted, Talisman Envy.

(Aspire: Your Strength, Agility, Intellect, or Wisdom becomes equal to that of whichever player has the highest number.)

(Talisman Envy: Each player depletes Talismans until their number is equal to that of the player with the lowest number).

Card Description

Some people collect books, or weapons, or amusing figurines. As for goblin relic hunters, they favor ancient jewelry and trinkets - and will go to any lengths to obtain them, even if it means violating lonely tombs and doing battle with their guardians.

Most relic hunters are too attached to their collections to store them out of their sight. Instead they walk around festooned with their beloved treasures, which can cause interesting results if several of the relics happen to possess magical properties.

How to Obtain

Basic Packs Advanced Packs
Bronze Red x Platinum Green check
Silver Red x Diamond Green check
Gold Red x Mystery Green check
Draft Exclusive Red x Draft Green check
Special Pack Yellow question Sale Item / Chest Yellow question
Win From Battle Only Red x Specific Crafting Red x
Temporarily From A Card Yellow question

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