Beastman warlord
Forest Path 2 can be encountered in the Echoes mission hub. It comes after Beach or Forest Path 1.


  • Kobold Hunter (50 Platinum, 50 Xp, 50 Energy, 2 HP, 3 HP Hard, 4 HP NM)
  • Kobold Raider (60 Platinum, 60 Xp, 60 Energy, 3 HP, 4 HP Hard, 5 HP NM)
  • Beastman (70 Platinum, 70 Xp, 70 Energy, 1 HP, 2 HP Hard, 3 HP NM)



You continue down the path through the forest, a wary grasp on your weapons. You can't afford to sprint into danger, and wear yourselves out if there's more hard fighting to be done.

Your caution proves justified a moment later, when a savage howl reaches your ears.

"That's not a kobold..." you say.


A bestial corpse lies at your feet, a savage snarl frozen on its dead features. It resembles both man and animal, a creature familiar to you from the tales of your ancestor's exploits during the Drake War.

"Beastmen." Tessa spits out the word, as though it's an unclean thing she wishes to eject from her mouth.

If kobolds and beastmen are fighting side by side, the town of Marsonne is in grave danger.

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