Kobold raider
Forest Path 1 is accesed in Echoes after defeating Beach. It can be bypassed to battle Forest Path 2.


  • Kobold Stalker (50 Platinum, 50 Xp, 50 Energy, 2 HP, 3 HP Hard, 4 HP NM)
  • Kobold Hunter (60 Platinum, 60 Xp, 60 Energy, 2 HP, 3 HP Hard, 4 HP NM)



Pounding footfalls echo through the forest as you run, waking the shadows in the dense undergrowth on either side.

Then you halt, coming to a sudden stop as you see what's approaching along the path. More kobolds running towards you. The ones on the beach weren't an isolated raiding party...


"The kobolds in the region have never been this brazen before," Tessa says. "They've preyed on merchants and travelers, but to attack in force like this..."

She leaves the thought unspoken, but her meaning is clear enough. Kobolds are cowardly creatures, not warriors. Unless someone or something else has inspired them...

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