Enemy Deck means AI (Artificial Intelligence) deck. In other words, your computer enemy's deck.

A given enemy deck can vary over multiple encounters. For most cards in the deck, there is a small range of numbers of multiples for which that card can appear. For a given enemy, this range is constant over all difficulties*, although at higher difficulties the enemy's increased deck size will mean that you are more likely to see a card in the upper end of its range.

For enemies in Z1-Z3, it appears that the 'minimal deck' (the deck formed by taking each card in its least amount) is always 3 cards less than the smallest size on normal difficulty. For example, on normal mode an Orc Spike-Bearer can have 28-30 cards in its deck, but it's 'minimal deck' contains 25 cards. For enemies in Z4-Z6, the 'minimal deck' contains the exact same number as the deck size on normal difficulty. This means that on normal mode in these zones a given enemy will have the same deck every time. This pattern may not hold true for bosses, and the pattern for brawls is similarly unknown.

  • Blood Wolf is an exception to this rule: the ranges vary slightly between difficulties. It is unknown if other exceptions exist.

Information for EditorsEdit

If you want to contribute a decklist for an enemy that doesn't have one- that's awesome! A good tip is that, when you win, you can drag the 'victory' window out of the way to view the enemy's depletion and banish piles. Then, sort by 'alphabetical'. Also, since there's currently no way of knowing when a card's range is 'compete' for a given enemy, it is very helpful to edit the ranges. If you're about to fight a big stack of a certain enemy, just open up that enemy's decklist and quickly compare the list to your foe's deck!

Some things to watch out for:

  • Sometimes a given card will end up with some copies in the banish pile and some copies in the depletion pile (especially ranged cards). Make sure you count them all!
  • Watch out for cards that create other cards. Leprechaun's Larceny is a big culprit here. Also, don't include Glowing Vomit (created by Gut-Breaker Draught) in your decklist!
  • Also watch out for blanked cards! Save the combat log and then search it to see what those blank cards used to be!
  • Once you sort the Banish pile, the Ranged Depletion pile displays as empty until you close and reopen it, even when selecting Sort: None. (This happens during the battle as well.)

Thanks in advance!