Each day you log in continuously you get a reward. The rewards are, depending on the number of days you have logged in:

Gold, Mince Pie, a Random Rare Card, Arete Token, Draft Pack, Dragon Coins, or a Kasan Idol.

After day seven, the reward cycle returns to day one.


This List is subject to further expansion and will be updated.

The reward range is as followed:

Day 0Edit

  • No Reward - Come back Tomorrow : (See Notes*)

Day 1Edit

  • 2000 Platinum

Day 2Edit

  • 1 Mystery Card

Day 3Edit

  • 1 Energy Potion

Day 4Edit

  • 10 Skill Points

Day 5Edit

  • Event Tickets

Day 6Edit

  • Kingdom Aflame: Battle Pack

Day 7Edit

  • 10 Dragon Coins


If you are a new player and it is your first day playing you will be on Day 0.

If you fail to login for a day you will be reset back to Day 0.

Upon Gaining your Day 7 Kasan Idol and then refresh for any reason, your daily
reward counter will show Day 0.

Don't panic, this is normal and you will receive the Day 1 reward the next day.

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