Crafting is an option in the game to make cards out of ingredients. These can be battle rewards or other cards. For recipes that are found using the Nexus, click here.

Crafting Materials Crafted Item
Smashed Wizard's Hat Wizard's Bane
Necronomicon Page Swallow Your Soul
Divine Edict Heavenly Aura
Unicorn Horn Ellsaria the Dawn-Dancer
Floppy Arrow Softness
Halo Avenging Angel
Conch Shell Sylcaa
Karuss Symbol Mark of Karuss
Severed Arm Disarm
Cicero's Writings Sympathetic Slaughter
Fried Snapper Warlord Galthaca
Gravestone Haunting
Cuckold's Teeth Rassys' Rejuvenation
Pile of Missiles Endless Volley
Beast Fight Token Fragment Beast Fight Token
Coral Flute Tyrant Crab
Shackles Restless Ghost
Lapu's Trophy Might of Maclan
Vampiric Ashes Ashes of Siculus
Raptor Jaw Raptor Tooth Necklace
Icon of Rensha Breath of Rensha
Marcus' Stratagem + Infernal Trio Token x4 Marcus' Stratagem (Battle-Forged)
Aesa's Rune + Infernal Trio Token x4 Aesa's Rune (Battle-Forged)
Othalia + Infernal Trio Token x6 Othalia (Battle-Forged)
Wizard's Bane + Infernal Trio Token x6 Wizard's Bane (Battle-Forged)
Infernal Repast Food Chain
Fellowship + Three Marauders Token x4 Fellowship (Battle-Forged)
Spear of the Champions + Three Marauders Token x4 Spear of the Champions (BF)
Tranquility + Three Marauders Token x4 Tranquility (Battle-Forged)
Ellsaria the Dawn-Dancer + Three Marauders Token x6 Ellsaria the Dawn-Dancer (BF)
Dancing Flame Fire Dance
Magic Vine Green Fingers
Meera's Herbs Nature's Blessing
Severed Plant Tentacle Runthun's Throw
Demonic Backscratcher x100 Itch She Can't Scratch
Sylcaa + Top Infernal Shard x4 Sylcaa (Battle-Forged)
Prongs of the Trident + Top Infernal Shard x2 Prongs of the Trident (BF)

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