Promo13 Colbaeus the Wretched

Colbaeus the Wretched (Promo, Legacy Card, #13) is an epic Human NPC card with 3 attack and 2 defense.

Card Effect

When you play Colbaeus the Wretched, shuffle a Cobalt Kobold into your deck.

Kobold NPCs you play deal +2 damage for the rest of the battle.

Colbaeus the Wretched deals +1 for each NPC in the enemy's depletion pile.

Card Description

"Small-minded peasants! They drove me from their village merely because some of my charges got into the local ale supply and became a little too... exuberant in their behavior. What do a few violated chickens matter compared with my miraculous work? Who but I would ever have dreamed that kobolds could be civilized, and turned into respectable individuals? I... Grimlak, stop that at once! My butler's head is not a musical instrument!"

Other VersionsEdit

Promo13 Colbaeus the Wretched (F)

Foil version

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