Kobold raider
Coastal Path 2 is an optional mission in the Echoes mission hub along with Coastal Path 3 after Forest Path 2.


  • Kobold Lookout (60 Platinum, 60 Xp, 60 Energy, 4 HP, 5 HP Hard, 6 HP NM)
  • Kobold Sentry (70 Platinum, 70 Xp, 70 Energy, 5 HP, 6 HP Hard, 7 HP NM)
  • Beastman Sentry (80 Platinum, 80 Xp, 80 Energy, 6 HP, 7 HP Hard, 8 HP NM)



Another band of hissing kobolds and growling beastmen appears ahead of you. In the moment before they notice your approach, you see that most of them are gazing in the opposite direciton, or else out to sea. They're performing sentry duty, you realize, perhaps fearing that word of their attack might have escaped - and aid be sent from the settlements further along the coast.

They may be savage, monstrous in form and deed, but they're not mindless animals. These creatures are cunning, capable of employing martial tactics, perhaps even military strategy.

You thrust such musing aside as battle is joined. Whatever abilities your foes may possess, they'll matter little once their blood is spilled...


"Our ancestors bled in the drake war to vanquish these creatures." Tessa says. "Now they breed unchecked in the corners of the kingdom."

She lashes out with her boot, kicking a beastman upon his lifeless mouth. There's a crunching noise as his jaw fractures.

Her anger finds an echo in your own heart. How could King Crenus allow these vermin to infest his realm, and prey upon his subjects? Small wonder so many West Krunans despise his rule.

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