Beastman warlord
Coastal Path 1 is an encounter in the Echoes mission hub. It is one of the three encounters that comes after Forest Path 2.




You gesture for your companions to halt, as a strange cacophony reaches your ears. It takes you a moment to decipher the sounds and comprehend what you're hearing. It's speech in the common tongue, the babble rendered strange and alien by the bestial throats which utter it.

You creep forward alone, crouching low, curious to see what's transpiring. In a moment a pack of beastmen and kobolds comes in sight. The creatures are glaring at one another, some of them baring their teeth and moving into warlike stances.

"Should be killing humans, not standing here!" growls one of the beastmen. He beats his fist against his broad chest in a series of resounding thuds.

"Bloodhowl says wait here," a kobold replies, the words seeming to hiss and slither through the air. "We obey, or we get chop!"

Numerous voices rise up in agreement or protest, drowning each other in an ocean of babble.

Your lips twitch in a smile of mirthless satisfaction as you move back in sight of your companions, and gesture for them to come forward. A good time to attack...


"Didn't know those bastards could talk." one of your warriors says. "Not properly I mean."

"Kobolds and beastmen have their own languages." you reply. "But when they communicate with each other they speak with the common tongue. If the tales are true, they learned it from the dragons they once served."

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