Clash of the Dragons

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This wiki is founded on August 11, 2011 for Clash of the Dragons which is a Facebook CCG application that utilizes the free-to-play business model, wherein the essential game play is free, while special options and items become available with the purchase and use of a currency known as Dragon Coins with real-world money. The game was developed by "5th Planet Games".

The game officially closed on Thursday October 30th, 2014 at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time (which had become the usual update time).

New Players

Are you a new player to Clash of the Dragons? Or maybe someone just getting back into the game?

If so, then you might want to take a look at our New Player Orientation

Card Pages

When creating a new page for a card, go to Source mode and type in {{Card}} then go back to Visual mode and hover your mouse over the jigsaw piece. A window will fade in and at the bottom of that small window is an Edit button. Click that an fill in the information.

Card images should include the border (as seen on Shot the Food). Card image names follow the trend of Card Number space Card Name (e.g. 525 Disarm.png), but the correct name will be input if this variable is left blank, which it should be. The number is replaced by the card's own number or in the case of a Promo card or a Power Flux Card, it is Promo54 or PowerFlux81, respectively. For the card's description, only the first paragraph will be automatically italicized so every paragraph afterwards must begin with '' (those aren't quotation marks).

Power Flux cards require a different template. Instead of {{Card}}, you need to put the card's name inside the brackets. For example, {{Chaluan Hydra}}. This template will already include card lore and most of the effect so there will be fewer input boxes. Like the non-Power Flux cards, just input the information into the respective boxes. If the card doesn't have the specified effect, do not put anything in the box. For example, #30 Aristeia does not have the effect to double its damage so you shouldn't put anything in the box.

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