A clan are group of people that band together for a greater cause as well as the obtainment of cards from clan-specific brawls.

A clan charter must be made and signed by 4 people excluding the charter maker before a clan is officially created. After the clan is made, the signers can choose to leave if they want. Each clan has a maximum size of 40 players.

From the start, all clans have all of the clan-only brawls unlocked but unlike public brawls, they require that all slots be filled before the brawl can commence.


Scout TowerEdit

You can find information about other clans at this building. Currently has no real use except to look through the list of the other clans and their members and clan chaters.

Clan BannerEdit

The clan leader or those granted permission (see below) can edit the clan's banner, description and message of the day. Members with permission can manage new member applications. Everyone can use this building to set their status to away or leave the clan.

Commander's TentEdit

This building lists the members of your clan. It has the same functions as the Scout Tower with the addition of sorting the list by last online.

Training AreaEdit

The most used building. This building allows any and all members of the clan to start a clan brawl and fight Clan specific Brawl Monsters.

Ranks and permissionsEdit

The ranks in a clan are as follows:

(L) = Leader

There can only be one person with this title; this starts as the individual who initiated the clan charter, as the title cannot be transferred without the assistance of support. Direct retirement from this position will disband and erase the clan. The leader automatically has all permissions within the clan.

(O) = Officer

Highest ranking member of clan, below to leader.

(S) = Soldier

Second highest position in clan

(M) = Member

Lowest position in clan, and default position of new clan members.

The following permissions can be granted to the different ranks. The leader of the clan can assign different permissions to each rank. As all permissions may be granted to all ranks, many clans may choose not to use the ranking system

  • Change clan description
  • Change Message of the Day
  • Accept or deny Applications
  • Summon Brawls
  • Change banner
CotD Clan Banners (Line)

  • Member management
  • Read away status
  • View Away
  • Change permissions (Soldier rank or higher)

Reputation Edit

  • Your personal reputation is stored per clan.
  • If you leave a clan and join another your reputation will start at zero in that clan.
  • Your personal reputation in the clan you left is reduced by 50% if you join another clan.
  • If you rejoin the clan you just left before joining another clan you reputation is not reduced.
  • Additionally, Normal personal reputation decay after 4 days of inactivity applies for all of those scenarios.

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