Each quest/mission boss is available in three different difficulties: Normal, Hard and Nightmare. Below is the list of all the quest/mission boss monsters available in the game, their unique drops and which brawl monster is unlocked from them.

Quests are the single player battles or mission mode, players unlock brawl monsters by defeating their respective quest/mission bosses. You can play in a brawl someone else has hosted without unlocking them, but to host that brawl yourself you will need to unlock it.

You may also find at some point you might need the Boots of Water / Magma Walking, I have also included the information of how to locate these via their Random NPC Encounters.

Quest ZonesEdit

Map Zone &
Common Craft Drop
(Boss Type)
+ E Req
Item Drop
Craft Drop
Card Drop
(+ E Req)
Zone 1


Beastman's Eyeball
Beastmans eyeball
BloodhowlBeastman champion
- - - Beastman Champion
Beastman champion
GoresnoutBeastman chieftain
- - - Beastman Chieftain
Beastman chieftain
Magical Mushrooms
Craft magic mushroom
Mushroom Magic
Z1 Portal

Cowed by Absurdity

Cow Hide
Cow hide
Bovine MonarchBovine monarch
Mysterious Coin
Craft mysterious coin
Z3 Portal

Dangerous Games
Zone 2

The Wizard in the Tower

Battered Shield
Battered shield
- - (NM)
Hugh's Body, Brachus' Power

317 Hugh's Body, Brachus' Power
Corrupted Wizard
ParalaxusBrimstone baron
Assassin's Short Blade
Assassin Short Blade
- - Brimstone Baron
Brimstone baron
Pyrelord's Wand
Pyrelords Wand
(NM) GazrasheshaSuccubus mistress
- - - Succubus Mistress
Succubus mistress
Zone 3

Dragons Clash

Grimoire of the Flame
Grimoire of the flame
Warlord TalmecOrc warlord
Sentinel's Sword
Sentinels Sword
(NM) Vanessa Celwer Bloodwyn's Dagger
Vanessa Celwer Bloodwyn Dagger
- Orc Warlord
Orc warlord
Graslau the ShamanOrc shaman
Pyrelord's Wand
Pyrelords Wand
- - Orc Shaman
Orc shaman
Kantharu the Axe MasterOrc axe master
- Vanessa Celwer Bloodwyn's Journal
Vanessa Celwer Bloodwyn Journal
- Orc Axe Master
Orc axe master
Z3 Portal

Dangerous Games

Severed Head
Severed head
Lord PandemoniumLord pandemonium
- - - -
Zone 4

Melody of the Maze

Broken Charm
Broken charm
Portrait of Marcus
Craft frame marcus
Green Tongue of Flame
Tongue of flame green
Guilbert's Curse
312 Guilbert's Curse
Black Knight
Black knight
Portrait of Roland
Craft frame roland
Blue Tongue of Flame
Tongue of flame blue
Liquid Rage
313 Liquid Rage newart
Savage Marauder
GazrasheshaSuccubus mistress
Portrait of Gazrashesha
Craft frame gazrashesha
Purple Tongue of Flame
Tongue of flame purple
Encroaching Darkness
391 Encroaching Darkness
Crimson Courtesan
Scarlet strumpet
- Orange Tongue of Flame
Tongue of flame orange
Harl's Spellstealer
395 Harl's Spellstealer
Manic Minstrel
- - - Bartleby
Zone 5

Crystal Kismet

Lurking HorrorLurking horror4
- Death Warrant
Death warrant
Holy Illumination
447 Holy Illumination
Lurking Horror
Lurking horror4
Xarax the ImpalerOroc champion
- Burst of Light
435 Burst of Light
Oroc Champion
Oroc champion
Sapphire KingSapphire king
- Incendiary Flask
468 Incendiary Flask
Sapphire Prince
Sapphire king
Rakshara's Retaliation
417 Rakshara's Retaliation
- - (100% Drop)
Magic Lamp

477 Magic Lamp
Sarax the Unstoppable

498 Sarax the Unstoppable
Zone 6


Broken Healing Potion
Broken healing potion
Madness Token
Craft madness token
Bottle of Volatile Magic
Bottle of volatile magic
Ravaged Aura
455 Ravaged Aura
Oroc Death Shaman
Priestess GuildaPriestess of guilbert
Stonebound Warrior
502 Stonebound Warrior
Priestess of Guilbert
Priestess of guilbert
High Priest TiburHigh priest of guilbert
- (NM)
Rune-Mistress Bortha

496 Rune-Mistress Bortha
High Priest of Guilbert
High priest of guilbert
Stonebound Warrior
502 Stonebound Warrior
Magma HorrorMagma horror4
- Magma Ingot
Magma ingot
No Rest for the Wicked
451 No Rest for the Wicked
Magma Horror
Magma horror4
Zone 7

The Savage North

Axed Skull
Axed skull
Chieftain KveldulfNord chieftain
- Murder Weapon
Murder weapon
575 Obliteration
Yeti Cave LeaderYeti boss
- Overwhelming Onslaught
543 Overwhelming Onslaught
Werewolf Pack LeaderNord werewolf boss
- Wrath of the Red Baroness
552 Wrath of the Red Baroness
Werewolf Snow-Stalker
Nord werewolf boss
- Banshee Bard
603 Banshee Bard
Cicero the Undying
Zone 8

Orange Eyes

Malleus maleficarum
General HacanRoyal general
- Brigand's Spine
Brigands spine
Nord Healer
613 Nord Healer
Royal General
Royal general
High Warlord GormaruOrc high warlord
- Blessing of the Fey
628 Blessing of the Fey
Orc High Warlord
Orc high warlord
Blue Dragon VisionSolus blue
- Aya of the Kamamura
627 Aya of the Kamamura
Royal ScryerRoyal scryer
- Master Archer's Tutelage
538 Master Archer's Tutelage
Royal Scryer
Royal scryer
Zone 9

Where Dead Men Walk

Witch's Doll
Witchs doll
Zombie MasterZombie master
- Post-Mortal Service Contract
Post-mortal service contract
Doomed Warrior's Skull
670 Doomed Warrior's Skull
Zombie Master
Zombie master
Reiner von Malhaven
Wraith lord
Charred Dress Scrap
Charred Dress Scrap
- Wraith Lord
Wraith lord
Zone 10

Muri Mortuorum

Pyramid Relic
Pyramid relic
Oswald von MalhavenVampire graf
Blackened Fangs

Blackened Fangs
Zombie Guts
Zombie guts
Feed, My Children
699 Feed, My Children
Vampire Graf
Vampire graf
Mummy PharaohMummy pharoah
- - Mummy Pharaoh
Mummy pharoah
Zone 11

Dark Dynasty


Von Malhaven Token

Craft von malhaven token
Heinrich von MalhavenHeinrich von malhaven
Heinrich's Signet
Craft heinrichs signet
Blue Vampire Bat
Vampire bat blue
- -
Markgraf Otto von MalhavenMarkgraf otto von malhaven
- Orange Vampire Bat
Vampire bat orange
Umbral Assault
726 Umbral Assault
Ancient Vampire
Markgraf otto von malhaven
Mesmerizing VampireMesmerizing vampire
- Purple Vampire Bat
Vampire bat purple
- Vampiress
Female darkcaster
Mummy PharaohMummy pharoah
Singed Cloak Scrap

Singed Cloak Scrap
Green Vampire Bat
Vampire bat green
- -
Zone 12

Infernal Affairs

Pinched Penny
Pinched penny
- Saved Soul
Saved soul
- Niknak
Lord OcculusEyeball demon boss
- Niknak's Victory Dance
Niknaks victory dance mini
Eyeball Demon Lord
Eyeball demon boss
Zone 13

Man and Fiend

Imp Launcher
Imp launcher
Gold Brachus Token
Craft gold brachus token
Succubus' Tear
Succubus tear
Dagunar's Tide
Dagunars tide mini
Lord BluthkurbuZ13n10b4
- Y'Raxa Krund
810 Y'Raxa Krund
Gluttony Lord
Zone 14

The Battle for Krezzor

Chi Chart
Craft chi chart orange

Krezzor Token

Craft krezzor token
Lord CendariakZ14n9b3
- - Tarred with the Same Brush
856 Tarred with the Same Brush
Fire Demon Lord
Princess KherazadeZ14n10b4
- - Archer's Rhyme
835 Archer's Rhyme
Demon Princess
Zone 15

Children of the Dragon-Rider

Torn Royal Soldier's Tabard
Craft torn royal soldiers tabard

Pitchfork Token

Craft pitchfork token
Royal QuartermasterRoyal quartermaster
Pitchfork Token
Craft pitchfork token
- Sentry Duty
921 Sentry Duty
Royal Quartermaster
Royal quartermaster
Royal Armory CommanderRoyal armory commander
- - The Commander's Wine
918 The Commander's Wine
Royal Armory Commander
Royal armory commander
Zone 16

Blood of Heroes

Bloody Medallion
Craft bloody medallion brown

Blood of Heroes Token 1

Craft pitchfork token red
Token 2
Craft pitchfork token red 2
Duel of DestinyZ16n10b1
- - The Body on the Altar
976 The Body on the Altar
Rabble rouser

Event ZonesEdit

Special Map Zone / Location Needs Item Boss
(Boss Type)
+ E Req
Specific Craft Drop Specific Card Drop Unlocks
(+ E Req)
Mushroom Magic

(Middle of the Compass)
Magical Mushrooms
Craft magic mushroom
The MasterThe master kobold
Party Streamers
Party streamers
- The Master
The master kobold
The WizardWizard
Bernard's Beard-Mice
620 Bernard's Beard-Mice

(West of Map)
Beast Fight Token
Craft beast fight token
Chaluan HydraHydra battle
- - Chaluan Hydra
Hydra battle


(NM) Signifies Nightmare mode only.
(100% Drop) is as it says, a guaranteed drop.
(Node) Means it drops when you defeat all enemies on a node.

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