Female assassin
Alluring Vampire requires 95 Energy to fight and is an enemy appearing in the following locations:

Dark DynastyEdit

Difficulty Stats Gold XP Energy HP Deck
Normal 4 2 3 (1 STR 3 AGI 2 WIS) 1235 152 95 5 50
Hard 95 6
Nightmare 95 7

Deck ListEdit

The enemy's deck has:

(See Enemy Deck for more information)

Alphabetical TableEdit

Card Normal Hard Nightmare
Another Three Bite the Dust 6
Boulder Bombardment 4
Branwen of the Unkindness (69) 4
Darius' Haste Potion 1
Death's Messenger 4
Dust of Paranoia 2
Lotus Fist 4
Many Whelps! 5
Night of Silent Blades 2
Sapphire Crown 2
Talisman of Slaying 2
Umbral Assault 6
Vampire Assassin 8

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