AA = Avenging Angel

Acid / AF = Acid Flask

AnA / A&A = Acid and Alchemy

Anub = Anubisath the Caravan Master

AtD = Among the Dead

BB = Blood Bond, Boulder Bombardment or Barbed Broach

Bernie = Bernard Bronzefist

BtG = Better to Give

CbtS = Calm Before the Storm

CA = Claw Assassin

CC = Carnage Cracker

Cloak = Cloak of Shadows or Cloak and Dagger

CoS = Cloak of Shadows

CotS = Cunning of the Snake

DHP = Darius' Haste Potion

DidoDido Celwer Bloodwyn

DMV = Dead Man's Volley

DotL = Dying of the Light

DtS = Darken the Sky

EKRF = East Krunan Royal Family

Elly = Pyromancer Elyssa

EV = Endless Volley

Freddy = Friedrich

FoC = Flower of Chivalry

FoF = Fury of Faustus

GBB = Greater Barbed Broach

GG = Golden Glory

GHP = Greater Healing Potion

GMB = Graveyard Mushroom Brew

GMT = Ghost Master's Tonic

GoWK = Glory of West Kruna

GRH = Goblin Relic Hunter

GA = Goblin Ambusher

Hand / Hands = Hand of Death, Hand of Sand, Hands Off!, Manslayer's Hand, Many Hands... or Unseen Hand

JttWJoy to the World

LDS = Leasean Death Strike

LotW = Last of the Wine

LSS = Lyria's Swift Shafts

LTS = Lord Tyranthius' Signet

Maze = Mazenazius the True & False

MAV = Malevolent Power

Mirror = Mirror rorriM

MM = Medical Marvel or Machaon's Mending

MoK / Mark = Mark of Karuss

MR = My Round

MSH = Manslayer's Hand

MTS = Mortui Te Salutamus

NotG = Nectar of the Gods

PonyEllsaria the Dawn-Dancer

Pot = Any Potion card

PotP = Proof of the Pudding

SC = Suicidal Charge

SE = Scorched Earth

Sea / TSGUID = The Sea Gave Up Its Dead

SHT = Spinning Hammer Toss

SoD = Spear of Destruction

SS = Sympathetic Slaughter, Soulstealer or Spiteful Suicide

SW = Second Wind or Spirit Ward

SYiHSee You in Hell!

SYS = Swallow Your Soul

Tali / Tally = Any Talisman card

TbaG = Touched by a Goddess

ToA = Talisman of Agility

Thews = Mighty Thews of Terracles

VDS = Vampire Dust Snuff

VHP = Volatile Haste Potion

WWB = Warwalker's Banner

ZoWW / Zeilend = Zeilend of the Western Wold

General Gameplay (Items and Events)Edit

Candy / Corn / Corns = Candy Corn, consumable that restores 50% energy (cf. Ellsaria the Dawn-Dancer)

CC = Orange Clash Coin / Purple Clash Coin

Colo / Colli / Colly = Colosseum (PvP arena)

CotD = Clash of the Dragons (This game)

DC = Dragon Coins, Damage Counter, or Disconnect

DP = Duel Points

Hand = Gameplay zone from which the player chooses Cards during his turn

Idol = Kasan Idol

KC = Kasan Coins

Mats = “Materials” such as Crafting Materials

Maze = Melody of the Maze (Zone)

MB = Mega Brawl

NM = Nightmare

Pants = Master Duelist's Pants

Pop = the act of recharging your energy bar, either by having your character drink (“pop”) a potion or by puchasing a refill for 10DC.

SNC = Saturday Night Clash

SP = Skill Points

Sword = Magma Sword

Z# = Zone Number (e.g. Z4 = Zone Four)

Deck TypesEdit

Crumble = A deck popularized by Yah5eh which is based around self-depleting all cards to activate extremely large single hits with cards like Dido, Ghost Master's Tonic, Goblin Ambusher, Barbed Broaches, etc.

Torlock = A deck build composed of spamming Torment (usually in a unified effort with other players) to lock an enemy from not taking any actions, slowly killing him/her/it with deplete or banish. Most common solution for royal scryer.

Cycle = A small deck that uses Alchemists and Healing Potions to stay alive against most attacks, it's biggest weaknesses are Banish, Blanking, Displacing and gaining additional Cards (Umbra, Torment Crab, etc.) as well as the maximum limit to cycle iterations, they can also suffer from being overloaded or underloaded. (Too many cards to heal an Alchemist per Potion, or not enough cards to Cycle properly.)

Cheese Cycle = A cycle which features on-deplete cards that do damage and may cause further self-depletion. Principle cards are Bernard Bronzefist, Enchanted Emetic, Goblin Ambusher, and Nectar of the Gods.


AV = Ancient Vampire

BB = Brimstone Baron

BK = Black Knight

CC = Crimson Courtesan

Dino / Raptor / Khan = Basileus Khan (Clan Brawl)

ES = Erakka-Sak

Eyeball = Eyeball Demon Lord

Glub = Glubbulus the Foul (Clan Brawl)

Karp (Sometimes misspelled as "Carp") = Baroness Karpathia (Clan Brawl)

Kreb = Kreblar Cutgut (Clan Brawl)

MM = Manic Minstrel

OW / OWL = Orc Warlord

OHW / OHWL = Orc High Warlord

Priest = High Priest Nereur (Clan Brawl)

Lord / Kul = Lord Kul'shar (Clan Brawl)

Lurker / Lurking / Horror = Lurking Horror

Magma / Horror = Magma Horror

Poly = Polyphemus (Clan Brawl)

Shaman = Orc Shaman

Vess = Vampiress

ZM = Zombie Master


5PG or 5thPG = 5th Planet Games, company which has published multiple games including Clash (CotD)

Admin = Administrator of this the Unofficial Clash Wiki, basically an unpaid Wiki 'Mod'

Dev = Developer or Development Team, 'Dev's in Global Chat have *DEV* in front of their name, most 'Dev's have the 'Mod' green name and muting powers

gg = good game

Mod = Moderator, Game 'Mod's are unpaid player with Global Chat muting powers and a green game name, Forum 'Mod's technically come under the 'Dev's category

Necro (verb) = to comment on an internet thread long after the conversation has concluded, often using information that did not exist at the time of the original thread

Nuke = either an individual, a card, or the act that deals significant damage to an opponent

OP = overpowered or original poster

Whale = A player that spends/spent a lot of money on the game.

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