Second Clash

Craft sm th - Crafting Weapon Melee Ranged Uncommon Rare Epic

Name Rarity Type Image
401 Arthur's Bane RARE CATEGORY Ranged 401 Arthur's Bane mini
402 Berserker's Fury RARE CATEGORY Melee 402 Berserker's Fury mini
403 Bookworm Beatdown RARE CATEGORY Melee 403 Bookworm Beatdown mini
404 Catch Your Breath RARE CATEGORY Melee 404 Catch Your Breath mini
405 Cheap Shot RARE CATEGORY Melee 405 Cheap Shot mini

Courage of the Red Prince

Nexus Icon

RARE CATEGORY Melee 406 Courage of the Red Prince mini
407 Crystal Killer RARE CATEGORY Ranged 407 Crystal Killer mini
408 Cunning of the Snake RARE CATEGORY Ranged 408 Cunning of the Snake Mini

Flower of Chivalry

Craft sm th

RARE CATEGORY Melee 410 Flower of Chivalry mini
412 Got My Mark RARE CATEGORY Ranged 412 Got My Mark mini

Marked for Death

Craft sm th

RARE CATEGORY Melee 414 Marked for Death mini

No Respite

Craft sm th

RARE CATEGORY Ranged 415 No Respite Mini
416 Punishing Shot RARE CATEGORY Ranged 416 Punishing Shot mini
417 Rakshara's Retaliation RARE CATEGORY Melee 417 Rakshara's Retaliation mini
418 Reckless Barrage RARE CATEGORY Ranged 418 Reckless Barrage mini
419 Rollo's Mallet RARE CATEGORY Ranged 419 Rollo's Mallet mini

Scorched Earth

Craft sm th

EPIC CATEGORY Ranged 420 Scorched Earth mini
421 Second Time Lucky RARE CATEGORY Ranged 421 Second Time Lucky mini
422 Second Wind EPIC CATEGORY Melee 422 Second Wind mini

See You in Hell!

Nexus Icon

EPIC CATEGORY Melee 423 See You in Hell mini
424 Squire's Inspiration RARE CATEGORY Melee 424 Squire's Inspiration mini
425 Staggering Blow UNCOMMON CATEGORY Melee 425 Staggering Blow mini

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