Type Image
1 All or Nothing RARE CATEGORY Ranged 1 All or Nothing mini150
2 Ambush


Weapon 2 Ambush mini150
3 Arcane Shot COMMON CATEGORY Ranged 3 Arcane Shot mini150
4 Arcane Strike COMMON CATEGORY Melee 4 Acrane Strike mini150

Arrow of Attraction

Nexus Icon

RARE CATEGORY Ranged 5 Arrow of Attraction mini150
6 Arrow of Fate RARE CATEGORY Ranged 6 Arrow of Fate 150mini
7 Axe Throw COMMON CATEGORY Ranged 7 Axe Throw Mini V2
8 Backstab COMMON CATEGORY Melee 8 Backstab Mini V2
9 Barbaric Assault RARE CATEGORY Melee 9 Barbaric Assault mini150
10 Barrage RARE CATEGORY Ranged 10 Barrage mini150
11 Bash COMMON CATEGORY Melee 11 Bash Mini V2
12 Bastion COMMON CATEGORY Melee 12 Bastion Mini V2
13 Beastman's Bane Shot COMMON CATEGORY Ranged 13 Beastman's Bane Shot mini150
14 Beastman's Bane Slash COMMON CATEGORY Melee 14 Beastman's Bane Slash mini150
15 Blade and Bow COMMON CATEGORY Ranged 15 Blade and Bow mini150

Blades of Glory

Nexus Icon

RARE CATEGORY Melee 16 Blades of Glory mini150
17 Block COMMON CATEGORY Melee 17 Block Mini150
18 Bow and Blade COMMON CATEGORY Ranged 18 Bow and Blade mini150
19 Brothers of the Blade RARE CATEGORY Melee 19 Brotherhood of Blader mini150
20 Bulwark COMMON CATEGORY Weapon 20 Bulwark Mini V2
21 Burn the Dead RARE CATEGORY Melee 21 Burn the Dead mini150
22 Calculated Strike UNCOMMON CATEGORY Melee 22 Calculated Strike mini150
23 Calm Before the Storm RARE CATEGORY Melee 23 Calm Before the Storm mini150
24 Cloak and Dagger COMMON CATEGORY Ranged 24 Cloak and Dagger Mini V2
25 Counterattack UNCOMMON CATEGORY Weapon 25 Counterattack mini150

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